Friday, January 7, 2011

thought just a while

i thought juz a while that i leave u behind..
i thought it juz take a few days,
this day, i rewind,
OMG, it has been a years..
since i left you behind..

i thought it just to make me being alone sometime,
without thinking of you,
without having you beside me,
but seem that i be alone along this year,
happy n sad moments there is juz me,

without you to comfort me,
it has been a years..
since i left you behind..

this day, i keep thinking,
for this several years,
why i juz realize today?
i dont miss u..
i even did not think about you..
and i juz realize today,
several years being apart..
and i juz don't realize that..

now i noe..
you had been in my memory,
since i left you that year,
you live in my thought,
since we r being apart,
you still remain in my heart,
since i left you behind..

how can i get such a pure love,
that im still loving you through this life..
did you not realize once?
im always be here for you..
waiting u calling my name..
but you juz walking past through me,
not even say hi, not even have a look..
for the person juz beside u over this years..

im getting old, n u too..
how long will i wait or it that mean i juz give up?
i thought it juz a while,
that i left you behind...
seem u r forgetting me..
seem u happy without me..
or it just the same for your side?
suffer waiting for me?
or is juz me wondering the life..

thought it just a while,
im leaving you behind,
perhaps, we are given a chance,
to see each other,
i want to know if you still recognize me,
if the day comes,
and u did not call my name..
then i will know,
the fate are different between us,
you choose your road,
and i go with my path,
with somebody else,
holding hands together,
make a wonderful future,
promise a beautiful life..
i thought it just a while that i left you behind...

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