Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Finally he left me

Hi there!! Already finish examination after all those tiring days. New entry I guess after several months I have stopped write a new entry on my blog. Guess what? My ex-Boyfriend (after this I used ex-B), called me one day before lebaran. OMG!!

Haha, no hurt feeling guys. He just want to wish happy hari raya, besides he said he want to further his study. Saying that he will go far for 7 years maybe, and we will not meet again after this. After 7 years finally he let me go free. As he stated via SMS, he hoped me get a new life, and he prayed for me for my success and happiness.

Sad? hurmm maybe just a little feeling surround me for several minutes but then, I feel nothing after that. Happy? of course laa.. LEBARAN coming and I are in MALAYSIA for this lebaran.
As for lebaran, mom prepared much than usual. All those biscuits are hand made 100 %. And for me, myself, I don’t prepare any single cloth for lebaran. So it is hard to buy BAJU KURUNG even there are many choices out there. I jadi rambang mata tau.

So this lebaran give me another perception in my life. For some reason I feel alone this lebaran. My heart feels empty just like the other lebaran. But my holidays end well. We able to balik kampung on third day of lebaran. I thing my weight also increase since I ate everything during that time. I also got the opportunity to attend the open house one day before back to Makassar.
So, this week will be the end of Syawal.

Maybe it is too late, but still I want to wish, “SELAMAT HARI RAYA AND MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN”

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