Sunday, August 7, 2011

i think i love you

I miss him more than he knew me,

I remembered him beyond his imagination,

I hope for the shine that impossible to bright,

I wait for the chance that will not appear,

We knew each other since the first time,

We be a friends since the time goes by,

We became best friends since we spent the day together,

And we separated since you heard the stranger wind,

telling that I LOVE YOU,

Maybe you believe the lie,

But I know, you know it well too,

Only we know what exactly happened,

And it is only you refuses the “feel” that came by,

Maybe you shy, or maybe you fear,

You want to keep it forever,

But for me,

That is not the true feeling,

Since you left me without words,

Or maybe it is just me feel that,

But as for you, it is just a games that never ends,

We share the story when it is night,

We became one when the moon show its light,

When the sun bright,

We came out as two different people,

But only smiles and heart knew that we present for each other,

You worried about me but couldn’t tell,

And I miss you much when you are far apart,

Now I am millions far apart,

Left the “feel” that can’t be described,

Somehow, I take me years to realize,

The “feel” that bothered us from the beginning,

And I am sue you know it well too,

Since now you in the beautiful relationship,

With someone you vowed to live together,

One last word,


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