Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Time to Move On by Marcel (Singapore)

Funny how it seemed, I never wished it was you

As years passed by, I grew up to realize that we were impossible

You put me through so many emotions, so many tests

I kept saying "what if" or "what could have been"

It's been years since the first time I felt it calling

And life has been a roller coaster ever since

It's not that you didn't know, or you didn't care

But there was nothing else you could do to make it better

Many times, I prayed you could just disappear into this thin air

I wished you could have walked away forever and never come back

You sounded so concerned about me being even more hurt

And you chose to sacrifice our friendship to save my life

But it was just another empty promise

You said it, you convinced me, and you made me believe

And today you pull me in to the same picture like ever

Trying to get my life to live in a replay

From time to time, I just wished I could put "hate" into my mouth

Or just gather some hatred to erase you from this heart

Could you have been gone since that time

Things would have changed and I would not be writing this now

Leave me once and for all, would you?

Stay away from my life and never called me again

The lost of our friendship would not make much impact on your life

Trust me, losing each other is the best for both of us

Because I hope and I want to wake up one day

Not thinking or even knowing about your existence in this very life
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