Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HaTi..HeArT oR lIvEr

seindah suria pagi...

kembali menulis blog ini selepas kecewa seketika hasil nukilan hilang tiba-tiba... senyap sebentar untuk mengumpul semula semangat mengarang dalam diri..

Hati.. heart or liver?

heart is the beat of life.. it beat by itself.. no one can ask it to stop until the times comes..
it remain there, closed by several tissue, bones, nerves and bones..
how God protect the heart..
it does not matter if you are hurt, heart will feel too much pain, because it were to special.

liver? as i know, liver or hepar too plays important role in our body. without hepar
your red blood cells did not have a home after they 'retired' from their work...
liver store the unused red blood cells when it dead.

so, in the terms of malay words... hati means heart.. but in medical words hati means liver..

which one more matches? heart or liver?

whatever it is, both of the organ plays an important role in our body.
heart is too special.. when you hug it, you will fell the love. for those who received the heart, you are so lucky and for those who gives the heart, you are so special...

but those who are unfortunate to receive the heart it means you heart in perfect condition.
not need to operation (gives and takes).. haha.. (just joking)
it doesn't means that your heart is not valuable, but it means that God try to fill your
heart with something special.. something that you did not expected..
something precious that make you feel to cry...
something that a better than love when you realize...

so you can proudly said.. my heart too has valuable and precious thing...
but, the God do not want to revealed it soon...
so i must wait for that day..
please don't stop beating...
i need you to beat, so i will know the God keep the valuable thing..
until i am ready....



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